My latest Stained Glass project

We already have a few chickens that lay different colored eggs...maybe this will encourage the others.

We already have a few chickens that lay different colored eggs…maybe this will encourage the others.


Yesterday was almost spring like here on the farm making one especially eager to do clean up and preparation for new things. In that line of thought, I began to work around the barn and wound up in the chicken house. I have been planning to enlarge my flock of hens…well at least double it, actually. With so many people in this family eating eggs, my 6 poor little hens were working overtime to keep up with the demand….and then they went on vacation… no eggs for a couple months!!

I decided an update of their living quarters was in order. The cleaning began and in the process I decided to use up as much excess glass as I could. Having built stained glass windows for the last 25+ years you can believe there was a lot to choose from. So, I filled the window sashes…all eight of them… with lovely colored glass. Of course the chickens are delighted… as I am sure the new members of the flock will be when they arrive. My mother dubbed it the ‘chicken church’…and my grandchildren thought it was even more wonderful than before…and clean. (They delight in ‘getting the eggs’ which then hopefully get to the house intact. Some get scrambled along the way…but the dogs are always happy to oblige in clean up.)

As the sun set through the chicken house windows I could hear my hens softly humming. It had been another fine day on the farm.



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